We at EMC TEIN2 are a group of engineers and economists who started in the semiconductor industry. In 1981, we founded EMC consultants to help introduce technology in an organized way and within business decision frameworks, providing methodological tools for strategic and corporate planning.

We began as electronics specialists because we were closely connected to the approach used by the then Directorate-General for Electronics and Computing in the Ministry of Industry, with which we frequently collaborated. New technology agencies such as the Basque government’s society dedicated to technological innovation (SPRI), and industrial groups like Ularco-Fagor, entrusted EMC with the management or technological diversification of a number of their projects or products. Electronics, a field of application we knew especially well, became a repertoire of possibilities and ideas of notable growth potential for institutions and businesses. In these early years (download pdf pdf emctein2), using electronics as a horizontal instrument for technological innovation, a large number of projects were carried out and a set of methodologies and tools for technology consulting were finalized for application in other sectors for innovation  (download pdf pdf emctein2).

We began as technology specialists and grew to gradually incorporate an expanding logistical vision and technology strategy. What’s more, for many small and medium-sized businesses, we have contributed to the essential reorganization required before or after a technology program.

This is shown by membership in the Expert Network, as well as the NESSI+ Program from 1999 to 2004, and more recently with the preparation of the groundwork for Key Enabling Technologies (KET).

In the mid-90s, our business reached two milestones:

emctein2 We reinforced our profile as an expert in technologies to facilitate industrial innovation in businesses. As a result, we changed our name from EMC consultants to EMC TEIN2 (TEchnology and INdustrial INnovation).

emctein2 We extended our expertise in technology to technical fields beyond electronics in which EMC TEIN2 has provided specifications for projects in national and European programs. This approach laid the foundations for greater conceptualization and technical rigor. Modelling software became available as a tool that was incorporated, on one hand, into many R&D proposals creating a notable consistence among the proposals. On the other hand, modelling software was incorporated into the design and development techniques that would later be carried out. Engineering and even part of the R&D using Model Based Design (MBD) became part of our business.