EMC TEIN2 professional services are designed and focused to reach and find business opportunities that can be transformed into marketable products or processes, either new or improved.

Both technology and market analysis are used, along with statistical tools. The technology analysis is applied according to the appropriate expertise level, involving the six-digit classification of SITC (Standard International Trade Classification) and the ten-digit classification of the IPC (International Patent Classification).

The areas or groups of services provided by EMC TEIN2 are the following:

emctein2  Strategic Management of Technology Projects  pdf emctein2 Read more

emctein2  Funding of Technology Projects with tax abatements  pdf emctein2 Read more

emctein2  Technology Training Courses and ongoing education  pdf emctein2 Read more

emctein2  Market analytics and optimization of functions (factorial and cluster analysis, prospective analysis, regression and forecasting of future technology markets based on Delphy research, iterative algorithms)  pdf emctein2 Read more

emctein2  Internationalization of Products and Equipment  pdf emctein2 Read more

emctein2  Technological assessment  pdf emctein2 Read more