Diffraction systems to measure the number and size of particles
We use the precisely right level of technical expertise to achieve the economic performance that our clients need. Technical knowledge is part of what makes us unique. The definition of the level of technical knowledge is based on concepts and terms from the Oslo Manual and the Patent Office, along with classification codes from the United Nations SITC.
Integrated optic systems for the spectrometric analysis of gases
EMC TEIN2 can find the right level for every economic approach. Its expertise ranges from engineering to applied and industrial investigation. Opportunities found within this range can be transformed into saleable products or industrial operations processes.
Microwave control systems
From the beginning, we have built our technological consultancy alongside the parametric specifications of products with the technical knowledge and engineering needed for actual design and construction. We can identify available technologies and have proven support capabilities in all our services.
Advanced hydraulic systems to move precise loads
Our technology consulting services have often involved the reinforcement of all or part of the R&D implicated in a technical proposal for PROFIT, Eureka, or Framework Programs, or a Reasoned Report. We use mathematic models (MDB) to strengthen the presentation of relevant rationales at the level of concrete technological knowledge for the project.